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App Candy simply-Fi

Candy has developed an App which allows you to interact easily with your simply-Fi appliances, wherever you are. 

Washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, oven, hood and hob: you can interact with them from all your devices, fixed or mobile, and also manage them remotely, thanks to unique and intelligent functions and a notification system which keeps you constantly updated about their status.

Has the washing finished but you cannot get home to hang up the laundry? Are you at the supermarket and would like to find the oven already warm for when you return home? Did you forget to open the windows and want the hood to circulate the air? Discover these and many other solutions which you can carry around in your pocket thanks to the Candy simply-Fi App



Energy check

The App allows you to monitor the instant consumption of the connected appliances, based on the stage of the active program. The consumption report refers to 3 main levels: low (green), medium (yellow) and high (red).


  • Remote control of the main home appliances
  • Info system
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Support and advice
  • No other device to be installed except for your Wi-Fi router
  • Synchronization of the appliances and the App through a simple and intuitive process

Currently available for mobiles and tablets.

Download the app